Hope Martin has taught the Alexander Technique for 35 years and operates Hope Martin Studio in New York City. She is a Senior Teacher who trained Alexander teachers for 25 years at the American Center for the Alexander Technique. She is also a Meditation Instructor and a Focusing trainer. Hope had a 20-year teaching partnership with David Rome where they developed and taught Embodied Listening bringing together Meditation, the Alexander Technique and Focusing. She has been a close student of Pema Chodron for 30 years. Hope’s passion is in helping her students discover how easeful, upright posture is an expression of their human dignity, confidence, and innate wakefulness.

“It’s not an exaggeration to say that Hope’s insights have changed my experience of being physically present on a moment-to-moment basis.” – Emily Russell

“Hope has wonderful, responsive hands and a warm soothing voice that is always encouraging. She is a delight.”
– Colleen Wagner